Global Web Security Privacy Policy

Last Modified: April 1, 2008.

gWebs respects the users' privacy. We recognize that our users (you) may use our software and services for the storage and transmission of confidential and personal information, and we aim to protect your privacy as best we can. For this reason, we have implemented a strict privacy policy. Our goal is to collect as little of your personal data as possible.
This privacy policy is designed to assist you in understanding how gWebs uses and safeguards the information you provide when you use our web pages, our MailCloak's peer-to-peer encryptions software, and any of our other services.

Encryption Keys and Email Content

Our software is designed to keep your encryption keys and email content in your control. Because we have no control over your keys, we have no access to your encrypted content. We recommend that you backup your key pair, and never transmit your private key to anyone. This way you can ensure that your private data stays confidential..

Personal Data

Our software may require personal information in order to generate a key pair. This information is never transmitted to gWebs, and we do not keep track of who is using our software. We may keep a database of users who have registered on our website. This database may be used for product updates and marketing mailings, but it will never be sold to any other party without your consent. Users may also choose to opt-out of our mailings.

Anonymous Statistical Information

MailCloak software may transmit anonymous statistical information to us with your consent. This information may be used to improve our products and services, but it will never be used to identify you or connect you to a particular account.