gWebs offers excellent revenue-driving partnership opportunities for Internet and Email service providers. MailCloak has two revenue driving models for strategic partners: fee-based and advertising-based. Both models may be co-branded, and advertising is optional for the fee-based solution.
Advertising Based:
Strategic partners may also choose to offer MailCloak on a paid-for-by-advertising basis. In this model BrandZone videos are custom produced and designed for high quality premium advertisers and the envelope is "stamped" with an advertiser’s brand. Partners who choose to offer an ad-based MailCloak to their customers will share in our ad revenue.


Fee Based:
Strategic partners may choose to offer MailCloak encryption on a for-pay basis. As an example, a hosted email provider may charge customers anywhere from $1.99 to $19.99 per year per email address. For an additional X dollars a year, hosted email providers can add MailCloak services to their offerings. We recommend charging an additional 10 to 25 percent for secure email. gWebs’ pricing strategy is flexible and we will work with your company to build a mutually beneficial deal. Note: For the fee-based model, the envelope and flash videos are simply produced for co-branding.

For more information, please download our ESP fact sheet.