MailCloak: Email Encryption Software

Protects your email from hackers, search engines and accidental disclosure

MailCloak is an email encryption software that provides powerful end-to-end, easy-to-use email encryption. MailCloak's GnuPG encryption is the strongest publicly available email encryption solution with keys up to 4096 bit. Your email is fully protected during delivery. MailCloak's automatic protection feature encrypts your emails, attachments and drafts without involving other actions.
Get the right MailCloak for you!
MailCloak for Mail Clients is an email encryption solution that is designed for Mail Clients. It allows you use popular mail clients to send encrypted email. It's Freeware.
MailCloak for Firefox is an email encryption solution that is designed for Firefox. It allows you use encryption features directly in your webmail. It's Freeware.
MailCloak Pro is a full function email encryption solution that supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and mail clients.
MailCloak SMB is a email encryption solution that is designed for small and middle size business. It has all features of MailCloak Pro and it also supports custom webmail domains.
GNU Privacy Guard
MailCloak uses GnuPG open-source software to provide highly secure encryption.
Broad Support
MailCloak is compatible with GnuPG encryption programs across all platforms.
Automatic Protection
MailCloak automatically protects email's attachments and drafts!
MailCloak provides automatic public key exchange for the easiest public key encryption available.
Encryption for YOUR system
MailCloak in Gmail
MailCloak SMB in Google Apps MailCloak SMB in Microsoft Live Admin Domains MailCloak in Windows Live Mail & Windows Live Mail & Hotmail MailCloak in Yahoo
MailCloak for Mail Clients in Outlook and Outlook Express MailCloak for Mail Clients in Thunderbird